Break-up King

In GAM-TV director Angel Abcede's latest webisode, "Break-up King: It's Not You, It's Me," an average gay, Asian male is making the biggest transition of all--one involving not one, not two but three major breakups. While sounding like a heavy topic, the lead character's upbeat persona and quirky partners make for an awkwardly hilarious series of unhappy endings.

Panda 2: Rise of a Gay Asian Bear

In the original Panda webisode, which debuted on gamTVusa.com in March 2013, the main character, Tim, was feeling the gravity of his broken relationship. After meeting friends in a leather “bear” bar, this gay man of Asian descent discovered that gay, Asian bears were referred to as “Pandas.”

The story follows Tim’s effort to get out of his dating funk, leading him to question why he chooses to date only white men. The original Panda webisode ended with more than one question mark. To resolve matters, Panda II picks up where Panda I left off.

Pink Underwear IV: Guess Who's Coming to Dim Sum

It's time for gay, Asian graphic designer Sean to introduce his boyfriend Rob to his mom and sisters. Rob's practiced some Chinese phrases--which as a musician, he's memorized by singing--but everyone's nerves are still on edge. But the wild card is Sean's sister Mia. As the black sheep of the family, what craziness will she stir? Come see the latest installment to GAM-TV's "Pink Underwear" series.

Popcorn Dress: Making of a Celebrity

Fashion designer Kevin Vong creates a Gay Pride Parade dress to wear that literally stops traffic. Made entirely from popcorn with adornments that allude to his Laotian heritage, the stunning look has ripple effects across the city, leading to a Pride float award and the cover of the Chicago Tribune. The dress even attains an international stage at the annual Asians & Friends conference in San Diego. But where will the sudden celebrity lead? This documentary follows the birth and unceremonious end of an American celebrity.

Panda: Tales of a Gay Asian Bear

“Panda” follows Tim, a gay, Asian man who is realizing his current relationship is ending. In the face of that, he steps into the world of gay “bears,” hoping with a little liquid courage to find a new love—or at least a distraction. Tipping the balance are an activist roommate, a giddy drinking buddy and a bar hunk named, “Boss.” In this panda’s world, truths surface about the meaning of attraction and what gay society deems beautiful.

The Glamorous Mind of Kevin Vong

Have you ever eaten a spider? Stand out at Pride Parade? Designed a dress for Michelle Obama? This webisode documentary follows the peculiar life of Chicago-based fashion designer Kevin Vong. From his childhood as a Buddhist monk to an 18-year relationship with the love of his life, Kevin is living the American Dream. Follow his journey. It's something to see!

Pink Underwear Season 3 Episode 1

J.C.'s Moment of Panic--The Musical

While Sean visits family in Hong Kong, his friend, J.C.--introduced to GAM-TV audiences in the first Pink Underwear sequel--faces his big 30th birthday. Initially upbeat and looking forward to his party, J.C. gets brow-beaten by pessimistic co-workers in a taunting, musical fantasy sequence. It takes tough love from Jill and Rob, as well as meeting their slightly eccentric uncle to put J.C. back in good spirits.