Break-up King

In GAM-TV director Angel Abcede's latest webisode, "Break-up King: It's Not You, It's Me," an average gay, Asian male is making the biggest transition of all--one involving not one, not two but three major breakups. While sounding like a heavy topic, the lead character's upbeat persona and quirky partners make for an awkwardly hilarious series of unhappy endings. The piece--originally set to the requirements of HBO's Project Greenlight reality show--is using an extremely short 3-minute format to develop characters and speak to one of life's most difficult challenges: Facing one's own shortcomings. The six-minute director's cut is what is posted here for you to download. The webisode stars Mikey Apuada as the lead, Jennifer Elise, Robert Ertel, Rob Fore, Peg Swanson and features John Breen as "Blossom."